Should You Call A Plumber Or Clean Your Own Blocked Drain Pipes?

It is hard to find a household that has not had blocked drain pipes. How frequently you run into blocked drain pipe issues depends from one household to the other. The bottom line however is that all of us have this problem whether we like it or not. When such problems occur, the first question that crosses your mind is whether you should call a plumbing company or to resolve the problem yourself.

The answer to this question varies from situation to situation. If you manage to catch the problem at the early stages of its manifestation then you could easily save on your plumbing bills. The solution to your problem could be as simple as using a plunger that you already have. Before calling your plumbing company make sure that you have tried using your plunger.

You should avoid the temptation to try every tip that you come across on the internet because not all of them are safe and reliable methods. You need to therefore use your discretion before trying these tips.

Clearing up stubborn blocks in the drain pipes will need the right tools. It is not worth investing in expensive tools just for the sake of cleaning your drain pipes. You are likely to be using those tools just once or twice in a year. Added to that, you should also know how to use those tools correctly. Incorrect use of plumbing tools could result in greater damage and more expensive plumbing bills.

If you are not successful with your preliminary attempts on cleaning up the drain blockage, then rather than wasting your time looking for better tips online, it is best to call your local plumbing company. You could avoid yourself the frustration and the wait by calling your plumbing service provider.

When you do call your plumbing agency you need to remember a few important factors. Check whether the plumbing company that you are planning to hire is a licensed and insured operator. Experience and the reputation of the service provider also matter here. Choose companies with positive feedback so that you know that you are dealing with a trustworthy company. Ask for detailed quotes and also make it a point to check whether there will be any other hidden charges besides the quoted price to save yourself from unnecessary surprises.

Once you have your blockage cleaned, you should set up regular maintenance schedule for yourself. Run hot water down your sinks and wash basins once a week for at least five minutes. This will break down the grease and slime build up. Before using any harsh chemical agents for cleaning, think twice as it could corrode the drain pipes and cause severe damage resulting in the need for replacement. Make it a point to remove all solid wastes from the dishes before you dump them into the sink and most importantly never try to wash down tissues down sink or wash basins.