What to do when you have blocked drains


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This section is a little friendly advice of what to do in the case of you toilet, shower, bath sink, or overflow gully is blocked!

First things first we will start with prevention, as the saying goes because prevention is always better than the cure and no more is this case more evident with blocked drains.

The toilet:

Never flush baby wipes down the toilet, they do not break down! and are quite heavy specially in a bunch, with new water saving cisterns the slightest resistance eg a displaced joint or just a small amount of root infiltration you guessed blocked drains!!! Big no nos are baby nappies, lady pads, and rags but in saying this no one is perfect and its hard to control what our children do.

The shower:

OK i think we all know the main culprit here, hair and lots of it, this is a trickier one to prevent really i mean lets face the last thing you want to concentrate on when taking a shower is catching all those strands of hair, having blocked drains isn’t something we all even drainers/plumbers think about when at home taking a warm shower more often than not, however there is a device you place in your shower waste that can catch the hair, witch you can manly remove and clean, they are hair catching inserts and can be found all over Google!

The kitchen sink:

Oils, coffee granules, food, fats/grease Etc, are the best thing to put down your kitchen sink……..If you want blocked drains! try to keep the excess food off your plates before wasting then the sink, always use a sink drain strainer

OK so your drains are blocked, what to do next, first things first don’t panic try and plunge it with a normal house hold plunger, if you have some latex gloves handy i advise putting them on first before attempting this as it could get a tad messy, if this fails and you have some drain cleaner handy, pour the recommended amount down the fixture you’re having the blockage at and wait time recommended by brand, try plunging one more time, if this fails, maybe try a kettle of hot water but be careful not to overflow the bain/toilet bowl failing all that see if you can locate your gully, if you can find said gully and if this is blocked or overflowing its time to call in a drainage/plumbing specialist! Because this suggest that the blockage is in one of the main runs of your drains, make sure the person/company you call for the unblocking is A) licenced B) has an adequate of public liability.