What is pipe relining?


Pipe re-lining is a process that’s eliminates the need to excavate onto the blocked pipe.

Modern technology allows us to insert a new pipe inside the existing one once the blockage has been removed to provide a new and stronger pipe..

There are a few terminologies for pipe relining i.e.: pipe rehabilitation, CIPP, patching, spot repair and no dig technology they basically mean the same thing.



Big advantages!

The materials used for the rehabilitation process can be stronger then any PVC pipe used after excavating.

Lined pipe comes with a 25 year guarantee instead of a 1 year guarantee given on conventially layed PVC pipe.

There are a variety of resins available i.e.: epoxy, silicate, vinylester, and polyester. Each resin has a different application and a decision is made by the installer which resin is the right fit for the task in hand.

In addition to various resins we also use a variety of materials from flexi-liners to fibre glass matting and even carbon fibre if required.


We offer this range of materials and resins as not one material is the answer to all the issues found in the pipe. Where as our competitors use only 1 material and resin regardless of the defect found in the sewer system.

Hours not days.

When an excavation has been opened up onto the pipe the sewer line is out of commission until the pipework has been re-instated, sometimes taking days rendering all toilets and sinks above it unusable.

Our installers will leave site at the end each day with your sewer system fully functional even if have further works to carry out.


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