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Here at Infinity Lining we are specialists in pipe relining, with many years of
experience in the industry, from domestic to commercial, pipe relining Sydney and surrounding areas. Our
commercial and domestic pipe relining Sydney services are considered amongst the best in the area.

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Sewer Relining Sydney

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Replacing your pipes can be an incredibly inconvenient and expensive home maintenance project. Sewer
relining can be an effective solution at a fraction of the cost of a new replacement. We offer services in
sewer relining for residents in Sydney. Our sewer relining Sydney offerings make sure that your sewer pipes
work exactly as they used to.

Drain Relining Sydney

Above you can see a recent video of a job we completed. A boundary trap to Sydney
water main, it had tree roots in the pipe that had been cleaned out prior to relining. This is a perfect
example how commercial or domestic pipe relining Sydney can be very effective as tree roots are one of the
main causes of a blocked drain. By opting for drain relining Sydney, you can guarantee lesser instances of a
blocked drain.

What is pipe relining?

What exactly is pipe relining? It’s a process in which, instead of digging up a pipe
and conventionally replacing it, a damaged or weak section of the pipe is strengthened with a liner. The
liner used might be a semi-permeable material or a tube soaked in resin. Other terms used might be pipe
rehabilitation, CIPP (cure in place pipe) patching, spot repair and no dig technology, but basically
domestic or commercial pipe relining Sydney is repairing a pipe without the need for digging or digging very
little in comparison to digging a long wide trench in a garden, footpath, driveway, road and even

no dig technology

Big advantages!

The materials used for the drain relining Sydney process are usually a lot stronger
than the current PVC replacement, and come with an extremely long life expectancy of 50 years plus! The
materials used these days are epoxy, silicate, vinyl ester and polyester. The last resin mentioned is the
least recommended, but it still has its application in certain fields. Epoxy resin alone is up to two times
stronger than concrete before it is even bound to another material, which makes it even stronger! The real
big beauty in domestic and commercial pipe relining Sydney is that it takes away the joints, therefore there
is no where for the roots to infiltrate back into the pipe and block your drains again. Or, if your drain
was leaking water, it’s now watertight once the relining process has finished.

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Hours not days

Most of the time when drains are being dug up, you cannot use them for days. The
great thing about sewer relining Sydney is that once the engineers have finished working on the drains and
gone home for the day, you can resume full use of the sewer, thus reducing your pipe relining costs to a
great extent. There are still many more advantages of using this method to solve your drainage/storm water
woes. We believe pipe relining is the future of drainage. Why not give us a call for a chat, and we can
answer all your specific queries.

  • Cost-efficient – Incur lower costs than conventional pipe replacement methods by
    using an epoxy liner to re-layer the interiors of a damaged pipe.
  • Time-efficient – Our sewer pipe relining service may take just a day or even less
    than that. We don’t put your life on hold.
  • Trenchless – Get less intrusive by not involving the entire street or town while
    working on damaged pipes. Our procedure does not dig trenches or re-route traffic on the road.
  • Durable – Long-lasting pipes with a double layer gives you the peace of mind that
    your drainage system is in the right hands.
  • Eco-friendly – Environmentally-friendly epoxy lining, no added chemicals and almost
    nil chances of contaminants getting released makes it a great option.
  • Benefits and Benefits – Your sewer line’s performance is not hampered and last but
    not the least, no problem of reduced water pressure.

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