Pipe relining Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

At Infinity Lining we get asked a lot of similar questions by customers much to do with our main produce which of course is pipe relining, so id decided to do a blog about some of the main questions that most people ask as to further educated people about relining and maybe show you the advantages about using relining over conventional drain replacement and maintenance.

Ok probably the number one most asked question: How much will it cost?

We get asked this question by far the most even over the phone and by email, what i can tell you is ever jobs is usually very different and varied in many factors, so to give a price over the phone isn’t really a viable option and would probably be misleading an as customer service and satisfaction is our main priority we wouldn’t really attempt to do this, but what i can say is we do offer free on site inspections for pipe relining, where we inspect your drain pipes with you if you so chose near so you can see exactly what the problems are, we make a dvd and then write you a quote and send by email or paper form if you so choose. Something to bear in mind is that pipe relining can be up to 70% cheaper than a dig up!

How long will it take?

Ok this question is another one which we will have to answer onsite, but what i can tell you is that in nearly every sense, pipe relining is a lot quicker and more of an efficient process than replacing /digging up the section or whole pipe, also a lot more of a clean and tidy process to boot, as well 99 percent of the time when the engineers have finished on site you can use all your amenities once again, if the job might be a fairly big task, say over 3 days, a normal case would be you’d have to reduce your water usage of the drain line we are working on between 8am and 3 30pm depending on the job, eg night/out of hours, which we also work.

What does the 25 year guarantee cover?

Our guarantee covers any part of the pipe we reline for leaking, root infiltration, collapsing, water infiltration (where ground water leaks into the pipe), and any further displacement of joins. If after the pipe relining has been completed and the very unlikely event you do get a blockage, give us a call we will send and engineer out with a camera to assess the problem, if our liner is a at fault and ill say again this will be extremely unlikely, we will fix/resolve the problem completely free of charge.

How strong and what type of material do you use?

We mainly use two types of resin epoxy and silicate resins, both have extremely high tensile strength by themselves, let alone bound with a felt/fiber liner, there strengths can be as much as 8 or more times stronger than the equivalent PVC pipe when installed correctly, and have a life expectancy of over 50 years!!! At Infinity Lining we only use top quality produces from reliable suppliers.

Are there any pipes you can’t reline?

We haven’t found a type of pipe we can’t reline yet!! But seriously we can pretty pipe reline any type of pipe whether it be terracotta, PVC, cast iron, to asbestos conduit/pipe even times where a pipe has move so far as to make a fairly visible gap, but in saying that there are times when the condition of the pipe is too far gone and may have to be replace, we will be upfront and honest in this situation and show you and explain why we wouldn’t recommend this, remember prevention is better always better than the cure, constantly having your pipes eeled or jet clean is usually only a short term fix which inevitably ends up with that section or all the pipe replace at in the end, so if in doubt call or email one of our engineers for a no obligation free pipe relining quote to stop your drainage woes forever as.