Pipe Relining: Advantages over Replacement

If you’ve been living in your home for some time and are beginning to notice more clogs and slower draining in your home’s water fixtures, it may be time to address your sewer line. An obstructed, dislocated, bent or broken sewer line can cause a long list of issues in a home and replacing a sewer system can be an enormously expensive venture that can also throw the exterior spaces of your home into chaos with the extensive excavation required.

Fortunately, pipe relining is a much more convenient alternative to fixing common sewer line issues than a full-scale replacement. Pipe relining has been used in the industry for over 25 years and is essentially the process of building a brand new, perfectly functioning pipe inside your existing system. It involves a socklike one-piece lining resin that is injected into the existing pipe then cured into a rigid, durable structure. This proven method has a number of benefits when compared with traditional sewer line replacement.

Faster Process

A full sewer line replacement can take days to complete and in the meantime your home is left without a functioning sewer system. It may even be uninhabitable for the duration of the replacement process. In contrast, pipe relining usually takes just a few hours, and many repairs can be finished on the same day, so you’re back in your home with minimal delay.

No Digging

Sewer line replacement requires that the old pipes be completely excavated and removed, this typically requires that the repair crew dig deeply into your lawn. The digging of pipe replacement excavation can ruin your outdoor area long after the repairs are complete, disturbing the soil and often requiring any trees in the area be uprooted.

The excavation process may even extend to your driveway or other paved areas, adding yet another layer of expense and inconvenience to the process of restoring your home. Unlike replacement, pipe relining does not require digging, so your lawn and outdoor spaces remain intact.

Adaptable Repairs

Unlike sewer line replacement that usually requires the whole system be dug up, regardless of other factors, pipe relining can be used on a job of practically any size, to target repairs where they are needed most. Pipe relining can repair a 1m section of pipe or a 100m section of pipe as well as a wide range of pipe diameters, so your sewer system gets only the strengthening it needs.

Lasting Results

Pipe relining delivers a complete repair that can actually make the overhauled sewer system better than before, by bonding to the original pipe work and filling any cracks, breaks or other damage with sealing resin. The relined sections of pipe are reinforced, making them more resistant to damage, and these repaired sections are also guaranteed not to interfere with the plant root system on the exterior of your home in the future.