Early signs that your pipes need maintenance

Most people do not pay much attention to sewer or drain problems until it is too late. And because of that, instead of being able to fix a small issue at a small price, we end up having to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on huge repairs.

Drain Pipe Maintenance

Here are some early signs of drain issues, that will help you know if your pipes need maintenance or relining to prevent future damage.

Gurgling sounds

The first sign of a clogged or compromised drain is a gurgling noise as the water drains. If you have a main sewer drain clog, there may be gurgling sounds in your bath or shower when you drain your sink too. Before it becomes a complete stopped up drain, it is time to get it cleaned and cleared.
Low water pressure

Low water pressure can sometimes be caused by a clogged faucet or shower head. One of the ways to check is to tie a plastic bag full of vinegar over the head or faucet for a few hours. If that doesn’t improve the pressure, you may have clogs in pipes, eroded waterlines, or a burst pipe leaking behind the walls.

Unusually high water bills

Monitoring your water bills is not just good practice for budgeting, but it also helps you notice potential troubles before they burst (literally). If your bill seems to be rising unexpectedly and beyond your normal usage, it could mean that you have a leak somewhere.
Slow draining

A slow draining line is one of the most obvious yet most ignored signs. When the tub or sink is taking a bit longer than usual to drain, it is almost definitely due to a clog. Sometimes it is possible to fix it on your own by using boiling water, over-the-counter drain products or plungers. But if all these fail, you might be looking at a broken pipe, or even pooled water in your main drain.

Unpleasant odours

If you have started noticing a bad smell in your kitchen or bathroom, it might be time to clean your fixture traps. Either that, or you might be looking at a drain line issue, a broken vent or sewer pipe corrosion under your house.

Overflowing water

When you flush your toilet and the water comes up into your tub or shower, you are likely looking at an obstruction in the bathroom drainage branch. An overflowing sewerage is another sign that the sewer pipes are overloaded, and needs to be fixed.

Water stains

If you see any water stains or marks on your walls or ceiling, you probably have pinhole leaks somewhere. This is one of those times when you should call a professional as soon as possible, before the problem gets worse.

As soon as you see any of the signs mentioned above, it is a good idea to call the professionals. At Infinity Lining, we have 75 years of combined Australian and international relining experience. Give us a call today, and we will work with you to find the best solution to your problem.