What is pipe relining?

IMG_2229Pipe relining

What exactly is pipe relining? Its a process where instead of digging up a pipe and conventionally replacing it where you have to remove the extincting infrastructure, there is now a method called relining other terms used might be pipe rehabilitation, CIPP (cure in place pipe)  patching, spot repair and no dig technology, but basically what relining is, is repairing a pipe without the need for digging or very little in comparison to digging a long wide trench in a garden, foot path, drive way, road and even house/building/factory


Big advantages!

The materials use for the rehabilitation process are usually a lot stronger than the current PVC replacement, and come with an extremely long life expectancy of 50 years plus! the materials use this day in age are epoxy, silicate, vinyl ester and polyester, the last resin mention being lest recommended but it still has its application in certain fields, epoxy resin alone is up to two times stronger than concrete before it is even bound to another materiel which makes it even stronger! The real big beauty in pipe relining is that it takes away the joins,  therefore there is no where for the roots to infiltrate back into the pipe and block your drains again, or if your drain was leaking water its now water tight once the relining process has finished.

pipe relining device

Hours not days

Most times when drains are being dug up you cant use them for days, the great thing about pipe relining is once the engineers have finished working on the drains and gone home for the day you can resume full use of the sewer, there are still many more advantages in using this method to solve your drainage/storm water woes we believe pipe relining is the future of drainage, but why not gives us a call for a chat and we can answer all your specific queries in detail, as the saying goes because every job is different!

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